Gay Men Domination in a BDSM dungeon

I did smell an odor of sweet, lubricant and heard the sound of a wipe hitting some skin. When I opened my eye is saw a dark room which could be best described best as a BDSM dungeon. I saw several gay men, well I believed they were, naked or semi naked bound to objects. Objects I could best be describe as torture devices of the middle ages without the more sadistic parts like the iron pins that would penetrate the flesh. Somehow that felt like relief.

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Massage with my Asian London Escort

Today was one of those days everything went wrong. The problem started the moment I got up and did put my feet into an unfinished bowl of yogurt. At that moment the rhythm for the day was set. After a stream of miseries which would even turn the best optimist into a sarcastic pessimist I was fed up with. I needed a moment for myself. The first thing that came up was massage.

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My London Headmaster Spanking Fetish

We did expect a call to come over to the headmaster office. After all we, my classmates and I, did turn on the sprinkling system which couldn’t go without punishment. The classroom in London based school I studied on did look more like a swimming pool, then the boring room it was before, after the maintenance guy did switch off the main water switch. Being afraid we would get expelled we entered the headmaster office. The smell of old wood and feeling the domination of the headmaster over the education system and especially over us I will never forget.